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Technical Translation

Here at TransGlobal24, one of our main specialisations is the field of technology and technology-oriented industries. Our vast experience in this area means that we know exactly what it takes to produce a flawless translation of technical information. We’re able to quickly grasp complex requirements and meet the high demands and expectations of target markets, end-users and – of course – your company. In other words, we understand the importance of getting it right the first time. 

Our expertise doesn’t stop there. We also have extensive experience working with content from the life sciences industry as well as marketing, advertising and editorial content, training and educational content as well as financial and legal texts. And that’s not all..
We understand how important it is for us as an organisation, along with our translators and partners, to have in-depth knowledge of your industry and your specific areas of expertise. This understanding enables us to provide you with the high quality translations you need and expect. 

We make sure that the translators who work on your projects have the right qualifications and expertise because having that in-depth knowledge of your specific area, products and services means that they fully understand your content and can translate it accurately.
If you choose to work with us, you will be allocated a carefully selected team of translators and other resources who will work on all of your projects and will be naturally familiar with your products and services and the accompanying literature, ensuring consistent quality.

We’ve also developed methods, processes and Quality Assurance (QA) tools to ensure that no detail is overlooked. We aim to achieve the highest quality while maintaining your unique voice and the appropriate professional style.

Get the service and the results you’re looking for

Every client, translation, industry or area, and market varies. We’re always interested in discussing how a translation should be carried out and what specific goals and requirements you may have. We then use this information to form a translation team that’s suited to your individual needs and expectations, and then decide on how best to proceed in order to provide you with the best possible results.

Local expertise

We’re all about using local knowledge to create global translations. Many of our clients are multi-national companies and organisations who employ our services to cover all of their language needs within various different fields and across various global markets.

Our local knowledge allow us to be your local language expert, translating into as many different languages as you need.

Our main specialist areas

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