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Professional translators
All of our translators have linguistic translation degrees, professional training and a minimum of five years’ experience in their area of expertise. This ensures that you get the right translator for the right job. 

The translators assigned to your projects will have all the necessary and relevant expertise to ensure you receive a translation that’s of the highest quality, properly adapted to the target culture and written in a style that’s appropriate for the type of document or intended purpose. We always ensure that each translator assigned to a given job has the right background, qualifications and professional experience. 

For example, a translator who works on mechanical engineering content might previously have worked as an engineer; another who translates marketing material might have previous experience working as a copywriter; a translator who translates legal documents may have a legal background, etc.

We also only allow our translators to translate into their native languages.

Your preferred team of translators and project team
All of your requests will be dealt with by a team of preferred translators and a dedicated project team. Your project manager will ensure that you have the most suitable translators for your texts. 

Over time, the project team and translators will learn what your preferences are in terms of translations, company tone of voice, key words, corporate terminology, etc. This ensures a very agile, smooth and reliable working relationship every time you need our services. 

We also strive to ensure that our working relationship is both pleasant and friendly, and that the TransGlobal team feels more like an extension of your own organisation than an external service provider. Establishing a single point of contact helps to do just that, as well as simplify communication, by providing you with a familiar and knowledgeable dedicated contact person within our organisation.

Our translators

TransGlobal24 has a global network of more than 5,000 professional translators, copywriters and graphic designers.

We only use the best possible translators based on industry knowledge, subject matter and language combinations.

We translate regularly from and into the following languages

       … and much more

How we ensure quality

All of our translators are vetted and tested before we work with them on live projects. First, we check if they have relevant qualifications, training and experience. We always ask for at least two references that also prove experience in their areas of expertise. Last but not least, they need to pass a practical translation test. 

Our translators are also constantly re-evaluated to ensure that the quality they produce keeps up with our – and our clients’ – high expectations.

High quality and consistency are, of course, very important, but we also value professionalism, flexibility and agility. Some of the things that make our translators stand out are their positive attitude in terms of always delivering what’s expected, finding solutions to challenges and a keen desire to ensure customer satisfaction.

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