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TransGlobal24 is a full-service Language Service Provider and a Multi-Language Vendor. We deliver language services to both the private and public sectors, and to organisations of all sizes. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can fulfill all of your requirements, whether they’re local or global.

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Translations and cultural-and market adaption/localisations – of all-purpose technical Information, for the life sciences, Marketing and editorial content, education and training material; we do translations of websites, software, legal documents, financial reports; and we offer SEO services and much more.

Consulting services/project management – We can help your organisation to simplify and improve your existing translation process and management. We can increase your efficiency in all areas, add valuable synergies, and help you achieve better results. We can set up a translation process especially tailored to suit your specific requirements and needs. This means that you’ll improve the quality and overall results of your translations, significantly cut your costs, and effectively reduce your time to market. You’ll be able to gain a more holistic view of all areas of your business; you’ll be more in control, and increase your overall transparency and understanding. We can even improve your general efficiency, and reduce your admin work to a bare minimum. 

Other services – such as proofreading, revision, editing, adaptation/localisation, post-editing, DTP/graphic design, certified translation, notary services, printing and more. We work with many other partners in the language industry, which allows us to help you find a specialist covering all of your needs, e.g. Interpreting, subtitling services, and voice-overs, etc.

Translation Service to other MLSs and LSPs – TransGlobal24 collaborates with many other MLVs and LSPs, and provide them with mainly translation, Proofreading, editing, revision and localisation services. We also provide post-editing and DTP services. We serve as an extension to their translation teams, and try to completely adjust to how they work. The teamwork involved, and the end-result, make it seems as though we’re part of their company. 

TransGlobal24 is a comprehensive Language Service Provider and Multi-Language Vendor offering a turnkey solution to all your translation and language needs.

We work with clients from both the private and public sectors, and we also extend our services to other MLVs and LSPs. 

We supply

       … and much more

MLV and LSP Services

One of our main focuses is to assist other MLVs and LSPs with their translation and other language needs. If as a translation agency you are looking to expand your network of resources in these areas – especially for combinations involving the Nordic languages (Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Icelandic), English, German and Polish. While we predominantly offer translation to and from the aforementioned languages, we can of course also provide most other language combinations upon request – please contact us to discuss the options available.

We can help you achieve top quality, consistency and reliability, and improve productivity.