Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes.

Grass Günter

Cultural and Market Adaption/Localisation

When languages are formed upon different principles, it is impossible that the same modes of expression should always be elegant in both. While they run together, the closest translation may be considered as the best; but when they divaricate, each must take its natural course. Where correspondence cannot be obtained, it is necessary to be content with something equivalent.

– Samuel Johnson

We are a specialised Language Service Provider (LSP) and Multi-Language Vendor (MLV) dedicated to delivering higher quality services and better results than our competitors. We aim to provide translations that are not only correct and appropriate in terms of the relevant market, industry or intended purpose but also in line with your personal expectations and standards. While we can translate and localise content from most fields and subject areas, we specialise in translating for technology-oriented industries – an area in which we have a driving passion, extraordinary knowledge and the utmost competence. Other areas we specialise in include the life sciences, marketing, education/training, financial and legal industries. 

Standard translation

We value your time and understand the importance of keeping things simple. All of our clients have their own dedicated Account Manager and/or Project Manager who takes care of all their projects. All you need to do is email or upload the content you want translated and include an explanation of what you need. Leave the rest to us, and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

For more complex and larger translation / localisation projects

When it comes to larger projects, first of all, your dedicated Account/Project Manager will assess what needs to be done before setting out a plan of how the project will proceed (with your approval, of course). 

We’ll ensure that the whole translation project is set up to be as quick and as efficient as possible. We’ll also check with you to make sure that the project is on course to meet your expectations, all the while looking for ways to improve the translation process, whether that means lowering the cost or reducing the turnaround time, or simply improving flexibility.

Specialised subject areas

Some content requires more attention, special expertise and creativity. We have right the translators, internal competence and processes in place to ensure that we can deal with just about any content. While some translations and localisations need to be precise reproductions of the source text, especially where the latter concerns things like health and safety, or where mistakes can lead to serious consequences, other translations need that special touch or a drop of creativity in order for it to give the desired effect. Whatever the case, you need someone with the right knowledge and experience, and the right processes in place to achieve the right result – which is exactly what our services are all about.


We also offer specialist consultations and project management for your entire documentation and translation process, including technology, process management and QA. Please visit to our Consultation section for more information about this service or call us to speak to a member of our team directly.


If you prefer, you can outsource all of your translation management to us, or just the parts you’d rather not deal with yourself.